#TheWinterProject Week 3 | Winter Scent

I'm late, I'm so very late! Apologies for the lateness of this post.
I'm going to take the candle approach for this post - since I don't have particular fragrances for different seasons. I mostly love candles that just look wintery, I'm a sucker for things that symbolise winter.
The one in the picture above was one I bought recently, £1.50 from Wilko it smells quite spicey - but really nice. I'm not usually a fan of spice but I love this one.

Next up are candles I'm actually currently burning - so don't look good enough to photograph so I will be using internet ones.

 Both of these candles pretty much symbolise winter for me - love dem to bits. The smell sweet and lovely. They are both Red - like Santas jacket and fill the whole room up with the most amazing smell.

Sorry this post is so short and late.
What do you love candle wise for winter?


  1. Gotta love yankee candles in winter, they do some of the best festive scents!
    Daniella x



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