12 days of lipstick #6 and #7

So yesterday by the time I got in I was so tired all I wanted to do was sleep so I didn't have time to take pictures for and write up this post. So yesterday I had another 6hr shift and since it was Christmas Eve I decided I wanted to wear a red lip, a bold one. But y'know I wouldn't have had time to keep up a bold lip so I went for a nice red lip gloss.
Sorry that this picture isn't very clear. 
The one I decided on was the Australis Mint Condition Lip Gloss - I was sent this in a swap about a month ago. Its a lovely red, not to bright and doesn't require a lot of touch ups since the colour is quite staining. I applied it three times yesterday: morning, noon and evening.
Today, Christmas Day, I decided I'd wear my new lipstick that my mum gave me in my stocking. It was the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in the colour Dark Night Water-loops. This is just such a beautiful dark purple that fades out to a dark ruby pink. If you don't have it you really should get it.
I hope you don't mind the selfie with my gran, its the only picture with me wearing it that I have. 
I'll see you for day 8 tomorrow!

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