12 days of lipstick #8,#9 and #10

Sorry for not posting yesterday and today - I basically forgot all about it and then I had work so no time to write up a full post. So Boxing Day and Friday were slightly missed out - so let's catch up. I Also didn't leave my house on Boxing Day so I didn't feel the need to put anything other than my nuxe reve de miel on my lips. So yeah for day 8 my lip product was my Nuxe lip balm - see a couple of days ago for info.
The 27th I went to work so I decided to sport my MAC So Chaud lip stick - I chose this because it has insanely good lasting abilities and the colour isn't like my usual reds. I hold a lot of love for this lip stick. 
This picture really doesn't do it justice though - it looks more red than it actually is. In person - if you have this - it is really more orangey. So beautiful. Can we all please take a minute to appreciate how lovely it is?
So today, day 10 the 28th. I didn't do much. Had a bath with some of my wonderful Christmas presents - they were bath items, would be weird of me to bathe with non bath products. I did some exercise and I filmed a couple of YouTube videos. So makeup was worn - it was minimal and lip colour was applied. The lip colour I decided to go for was Maybelline's Colour Sensational in 540 Hollywood Red. Its a very pretty dark pink / purple colour. I think it looks very elegant and classy. Some what more grown up than my other lipsticks.                                                
Sorry about there being 3 days in the one post. Tomorrow will be different. (hopefully)

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