Bomb Cosmetics Lemon Express Mallow Review

I love a good bath, I really do and what makes a bath better is adding a little bath melt of some sort. Last week the one I decided to go for was this one by Bomb Cosmetics, Lemon Express. 
When I first put this in my bath, I was a little confused. I wasn't really sure what it was meant to do, it didn't fizz up like other bath things I've used. When you put this in your bath it melts away, the stars seep out and leaves you sitting in a creamy bath. 
I both love and hate the feeling this gives the bath. It's really quite oily, so it feels really moisturising but since I have oily skin, I didn't like the feeling on my skin. 
The smell of this is a huge plus to this, the amazing lemon scent. Oh my sweet baby jesus. Citrus scents make me so happy. I do really like this little bath mallow, but its not my favourite item that I have tried from Bomb Cosmetics.  
Sorry this is such a short post, have you tried any bomb cosmetics?


  1. Ohhh...this looks good enough to eat. We've never tried any bomb cosmetic products, but we love fruity scents, so this sounds like it would be perfect for us!


  2. This looks absolutely gorgeous I'd wanna eat it! Xx



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