Little Primark Haul | Pyjamas

Primark, in my opinion, has the best of everything during autumn/ winter time. Over the last week I've been wanting to buy some new slippers and some new pyjamas. Cause y'know winter time calls for new cosy slippers and jimjams.
I bought a total of 4 things - not a lot but whatever, its all pj's and stuff so... The first thing I got was two pairs of these cute little slipper things. They are so cosy and I practically never take them off, when I'm not wearing them I'm in bed or out side wearing other shoes. I was so close to buying a few more pairs of these - but I decided against it. Go will power. One of the pairs I got are a dark blue tartan print with two little balls at the front of them. They are so comfy and cosy - these ones are the favourite of the two that I have. The second pair are a plain navy colour with a bow on the front of each, for what ever reason these ones don't stay on my feet very well - the heels always fall off. Makes me a little sad. They cost about £3 and are totally worth it - will definitely be buying myself more of these.
Another foot type thing that I got, I forgot about these, were little socks. I don't know what they are called, but they are ideal for wearing with ballet shoes and for me - with my Converse. They came in white or skin coloured, and were about £2.50.
The final things I bought were a pyjama top and bottoms. The bottoms were the first thing that I saw, my next issue was to find a top to go with it, the bottoms were long and were a light tartan print. They also have a lovely red pull cord to keep them tight. I don't usually wear long trousers to bed, but these are really soft and keep me cosy and comfortable in bed.
The jammy top I found was a Miffy one. I mean look at how cute it is! Grey, with Miffy getting ready to go skiing - how darn cute - Off to the slopes!!!
I love everything I bought and I have to say all I want to do is to go back and buy myself more! I've never been one to go into Primark and buy pyjamas but I think now I will be the person to do that.
Are you a fan of Primark pyjamas?
What has been your best find in Primark recently?


  1. Primark do the best PJ's! Love your blog, just followed you on GFC, Please check out my blog - would mean a lot!
    Sian Xx

  2. Hehe - I'm literally wearing those PJ bottoms right now! Love primark pyjamas! xx


    1. I think I'm going to go back and buy more primark PJ bottoms they are just so soft!

  3. I'm so glad I came across your blog through Scarlett's (The Trendy Chick's) link up, I love your blog! I need those slippers in my life they look sooo toasty!xxx


    1. They are so cosy!!! For £2.50 they are a steal!!!


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