Lush | The Comforter

 This is possibly my favourite product from Lush, its a little expensive at just over £4 - I think - per bubble bar. But you do tend to be able to get a few baths out of it - just chop it up into a few bits and boom, you get at most 3/4 baths. I like lots of bubbles so I tend to only cut it up into 2 bits.
This is the absolute sweetest smelling thing, a really sweet berry scented bar of heaven. When you run it under the tap it produces the most amazing bubbles. The bubble bar also turns the water a lovely pink, and it is also possibly the softest smoothest feeling bath you will ever have. The water just feels so silky soft.
If you only pick up one item from Lush let it be this. 
What do you love from Lush?


  1. This looks gorgeous, I always used to leave them on the bathside so cutting them into pieces is a great idea xx


    1. This is possibly my favourite item from Lush :D


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