Possible Christmas Nails

Recently I've been thinking about different colours or designs and such like that I could use for Christmas Day nails. I don't have many nail polishes - or nail art things so I'm fairly limited when it comes to what I can do to my nails. I also suck at applying nail polish - it takes me quite a few applications to actually get a decent nail.
For this nail look - I used 3 different polishes. My mini OPI Nail Envy, China Glaze in White on White and a Barry M nail pant in Superdrug ( I think that's what it is called anyway).
I first applied the OPI Nail Envy polish - my nails are a little brittle and when I apply this my nails do strengthen up. Next I applied a couple of coats of the China Glaze White on White - I waited at least 5 minutes between coats to ensure that each coat was completely dry - I hate when it smudges. Bane of my life. Some nails did need a 3rd coat, as some weren't quite as opaque that I wanted.
The final step was a couple of coats of Barry M's Limited edition gold polish. 2 coats is fine, but 3 coats is better for a nicer finish. You will probably need a top coat since it is a little scratchy - the little gold flakes could also possibly flake away and fall off. That wouldn't be good if you were eating your dinner and little flakes fell in.
What are you going to be sporting on your nails this year?

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