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So on Friday, I decided to hit up a few shops before work. The first place I went into was Argos - I really just wanted to get myself a Yoga ball. Carly, the bestest fitness blogger/ YouTuber ever said to me that getting a stability ball and some sort of weights would be brilliant.
So the first chance I got I went and bought myself a Pro Fitness gym ball for £5.99. This was the cheapest one I could find, as I didn't want to spend a lot on one - especially if a cheaper one would do the same job. Next on my fitness list is some weights and maybe a medicine ball. Both of which are a bit pricey.
Next place I went to was the bodyshop - the store I went to didn't have very much in the way of sales items but I did get a couple of things. First thing I picked up was the Ginger Sparkle Body Butter, this cost about £5 and it smells heavenly. When I first smelt it I wasn't 100% sure that I liked it, but I think it smells really nice - hopefully I'll love it when I slather it on my body.
The only other thing I got from the Body Shop sale was this little set of Passionfruit. It came with a body wash and a body butter - it smells amazing and for only £8 its a total steal.
Next shop was Lush. I'd never made it to the Lush sale before so I was adamant that I would for sure go this year. All Christmas stuff was 50% off so how could I say no? I think all of the Christmas stuff I could find I purchased one of.
The Melting Snowman was one I wasn't sure about getting. I find the smell a bit odd - I can't quite put my finger on what it is that I'm not fond of, to be honest with you I can't even tell you what I think it smells of. Thats maybe why I don't like it overly much - I can't identify a smell!
I think this one is called Candy Mountain? I can't find my receipt and they didn't label them for me - insert sad face. I think this smells amazing though - if you can't get your hands on this bad boy then try The Comforter - it smells so similar, if not the same. 
The Golden Wonder. Not really sure why I picked this up. Probably because I was there and it was cheap. Ah - the sale logic. This is probably not going to be the best thing to sit in a bath with since it has so much gold glitter. Just touching it covers me in glitter. Not the best if I'm honest. I'm much more a fan of the bath stuff that you don't need to wash off yourself - like Blackberry Bath Bomb! It smells nice though, kind of zesty: a bit like lemonade. 
Bombardino. Hello there little guy. Smell wise I don't really have strong feelings either way. Its not got an overly strong smell - maybe the other things I bought are drowning out its smell? Its a cute wee bath bomb, and is probably the one I'm going to enjoy using most. Its not glittery, and doesn't look like it would need to be rinsed off my skin. WOO!
The final Lush purchase was the Snow Globe soap. I love this stuff, its maybe the only Christmas thing from Lush that I tend to buy. I got just over 100g for about £1.30 - how good is that?! Its very lemony, and is very similar to Woosh shower jelly. That means I can get my Snow Globe fix all year round!!!!!!!!!
The final shop I went to was Boots - y'know best to have a wee wander round before I need to go into the back to start my shift. I wandered around the Christmas section, since thats where the sale stuff was, I didn't see overly much that I wanted. The only sale item I got was a Beauticology Gingerbread bathtime shop set, the set was meant to be £12 but was reduced down to £6. It contains 8 different body products: 2 shower gels, 2 body lotions and 2 body creams. Its safe to say that I am completely stocked up on body wash and cream.

The only other thing I bought from Boots wasn't in the sale but it was discounted so we'll class it as a sale item. I bought myself Hydraluron!!! My skin has been getting dry patches and I'm pretty sure my skin is a little dehydrated - so a boost of moisture couldn't hurt. I've not tried this yet but I'll let you know how I get on with it. I think its going to be £16.65 until the 31st - so get it now before it goes up in price.


  1. I loveeee Candy Mountain lush bubble bar!
    Gold Dust

  2. Lovely post. Surprisingly the golden wonder actually doesn't cover you in gold glitter at all :)

    1. oooh! thats good to hear - I was really worried I was going to be covered! xx

  3. I've heard a lot of good things about Hydraluron products and hopefully I'll get to try one out next year. When I went to LUSH they were all out of the Candy Mountain ones, which sucks, hopefully you'll like it.

    1. I think I will - it smells just like the comforter :DDD

      I've been using Hydraluron for a few days and I love it already - if you can get one you really should :) xx

  4. I think the Melting Snowman smells of Cola Cubes! ahah I love the scent :)
    I alos love candy mountain, it smells amaaaaaaazing.
    Great haul, you picked up some bargains! :)

    Beth x

    1. You nailed the smell!! Cola cubes taste so so so good!
      Candy mountain smells delicious! I never get good deals - was practically dancing with joy!


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