Starting Off: Blusher

Hello, so this weeks catch up post is for blushers. Blush is't something everyone loves, I used to hate wearing blush - I could never get it to look right. But I do think blush is something everyone should have at least one.

I'm probably still considered a blush novice, at least I would consider myself to be one. Despite this, I do have a heck of a lot of blushes - I think I have 6 or 7..... I only really started to wear blush over the past 8 or so months - mainly because Pixiwoo have a really good and helpful video for applying blush, highlight and bronzer. It was really helpful and after watching it, I got into using and wearing blush a heck of a lot more. I also started buying so many blushes...

Blush is good for making you look a little more alive - not the best way to put it, but for me this is what it does. It just gives you a healthy glow, which is always good for me - especially when I used to get asked if I wasn't feeling well because I was so pale.

All the blushes I own are in powder form, but you can get them in cream forms. Blushes also come in different finishes - matte, shimmer and even some with a highlight aspect in them. I think I have something from all of the finishes, I love my Milani blush and that one is a highlighty type one. For everyday wear, maybe not the best - but hey, I've never been one for following the trends.

When applying blusher, I would say the trick is to be light handed with it. If you want to add more you can always do so easily - trying to fix adding too much is a heck of a lot harder.

I hope this post was some what helpful, and you enjoyed reading. 
Whats the blush you love the most?


  1. I use to hate blush too! Now I can't get enough of them. My favorite colors are definitely corals and like rust rose. xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

    1. I quite like the way blush makes me look - I've just got to find the best colour for me :D

  2. I basically wear the same blush everyday lol


  3. I hardly ever wear blush & always bronzer but after reading this I do feel like whacking out the blushes and reuniting! Xx


    1. I've got to try and get into using blush and bronzer more - I barely ever wear it any more :(

  4. I have a Milani baked blush too and it is so pretty!


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