Starting Off: Mascara

The final catch up post is all about Mascara. This is one of the few things I wear on a daily basis, for me mascara is a absolute must have in my make-up routine. Apart from foundation it is the only other thing I really wear on a daily basis.

For most people mascara is one of the first things people buy when starting out in make-up. Mascara doesn't take much time to apply and you can't really get it wrong, it can really transform how your face looks. On a day to day basis I tend to only wear foundation and mascara since I don't tend to have time for anything else. 

As far as I'm aware there are only water proof and non water proof liquid mascaras - I could be wrong. I don't own a water proof mascara as I just don't feel I need one. For me one coat of mascara is enough, other people prefer to go in with a couple more coats - its all down to the desired look you want. I'm very picky with mascara - I've not changed the type of mascara I use for over a year - at least not on the long term. I love the look of thick, fluffy, long lashes. 

The most popular mascara colour I would say is black, shortly followed by brown. Some brands do offer coloured mascaras, I don't see the appeal but I know that some people do like the look of blue or purple mascaras. 

To remove mascara I use a couple of different ways, one being eye make-up remover. Its simple and easy, put a little on a cotton pad and wipe away. I use the Garnier Fresh Essentials Grape eye make-up remover, it smells lovely and takes my mascara off after just one wipe. You could also use bioderma, make-up wipes or even a facial wash that removes mascara. 

My absolute all time favourite mascara is by YVES Rocher and it is their Sexy Pulp mascara. I've had mine for almost a year and its only just beginning to dry out now. Since that is the only mascara that I absolutely love, I can't really say about the other ones I love. 

Whats your favourite mascara?


  1. I think I used to wear brown when I was a lot younger and miss it for a real natural look! Xx


    1. Rimmel retro glam is so dark - I really hate the look of it - if it was in brown it would look so much better :) x


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