Wet n Wild Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencils | Graphite and Pixie

I love shadow pencils. They are so easy to use - last forever, blend easily, crazy good pigmentation. These go on so easily and the feel really soft when you apply them. The shadows are so creamy though that they smudge quite easily, I found that I needed to use a powder over the top of these. Applying a good primer before had will help these not to crease and smudge.
The two I have are Graphite - a black metallic shadow with a slight bit of shimmer - and Pixie - a metallic champagne pink colour, this doesn't look like it has any shimmer in it.
The packaging of these is small and dinky, smaller than other shadow pencils that I own. I'm not sure really what else to say about these, so yeah. The colours are nice, but you do need a primer and a powder on top to help them last longer.
I've found that these are best used as bases for other shadows - rather than being a full on colour, they are lovely though none the less and I will continue to try and make them work for me. Pixie is such a lovely inner corner colour - it just brightens up your eyes so much!

What are your favourite shadow pencils? 

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  1. Wow these are beautiful colours!! xx



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