Wish List #2

Hello one and all, I was going to do a Christmas wish list - but I couldn't really think of things I wanted for then. So I thought I would do myself a little wish list and what I buy can get taken off my Christmas List.

Nike Running Tights
I've been wanting to get into running for so long, and I've wanted to get some nice thick running tights for winter for awhile. Hopefully the ones I want come back into stock soon so I can get into running before it gets overly cold.

Origins Mask Marvels Set
I want to try out some face masks from Origins and what better way than to buy a set and get to try a couple.

Mark Hill Wicked Waver
I really only want this because it looks really cool. Simple as that, I've not seen many reviews so I don't know what its like - but y'know YOLO.

Urban Decay Razor Sharp Finishing Powder
I've had this before and I loved it so much! I couldn't find it for the longest time, but now its back! And I must have my hands on it!

NARS A/W Palette
Give me this please. Need I say why I want this beautiful palette?

Nike Running Shoes
To go with my new running tights, ofc. The trainers I have aren't the best, so new ones are needed.

Debenhams Chelsea Boots
Pretty shoes, so pretty. Don't cha just love a pretty boot. I've been looking for a nice Chelsea boot for awhile now - this fits the bill prefectly.

What have you been lusting after?


  1. the NARS palette looks beautiful! ASOS have 20% off everything today & they sell NARS - defiantly tempted to pick it up! x


    1. Thats tempting me so much right now :)

  2. Love the running shoes! I have a green one in my wishlist. ;)

    1. I really want a pair of good nike running shoes :)


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