Beauty and Blog Goals | 2014

I wanted to do a different style post today - I say today but its currently 23:15 on New Years Eve. I'm also fueled with Sours Shots that my brother, mum and I did. So apologies in advance if I seem rambly or don't make much sense. So many apologies.
I've been thinking for awhile that I wanted to do some kind of goal post. Beauty goal wise - I want to give a short list of products I want to try or things I want to get better at. Or course they will all be beauty related. For blog goals, it will mostly be followers and photography.

Beauty Goals

Try more High End Products ~ I really loved reading everyone's favourite products of 2013 posts and I noticed that a fair few people had high end products as their favourites. It got me thinking - why don't I have more high end products? I drool over it enough; I add it to my basket so many times that I'd be just as well buying it. Then when I don't buy it and its no longer being sold, I die a little inside. An example of this is when ASOS were selling the NARS A/W cheek and eye palette. It was £32ish and then there was 20% off on top of it - and I STILL DIDNT BUY IT. My loss I guess.
Not in 2014 though, I'm seriously considering trying to delve into the world of high end skin care and beauty products. I really want to try products from NARS, Illamasqua and more from Origins. I also want to try more mascaras - I tend to only have one going at a time so I don't get to test many out. I plan on testing out one a month in 2014 - does that seem reasonable?

Get proper make-up storage ~ I also really really really want to get proper storage for my make-up. By the 10th I'll have an Alex unit - so I'll be able to sort my collection out a lot better.

Get into a proper body care routine ~ Generally speaking, I don't really tend to moisturise my body. This year I want to try and get into a habit of moisturising at least twice a week.

Drink lots of water ~ 99% of the time I do drink plenty of water, this is really only because water is the only thing I tend to drink. But I can go without drinking for a long time so this year I want to consitantly drink. When I get up in the morning I want to drink at least half of my 750ml water bottle, and then every few hours I want to have almost finished drinking another 750ml.


Blog Goals

Blog goals. Hmmm, where to start. I would absolutely love to reach 500 followers by September and maybe 700/800 by the New Year? I'm not sure if thats realistic or not.... Logically thinking - it should be a reasonable goal. I say this since July till the end of December (6 months) I gained almost 90 GFC followers and almost 150 Bloglovin followers. That genuinely makes me feel so proud.
Vary blog content ~ I'd also love to start doing different types of posts, I'm going to guess people will tire of constantly reading reviews. I really want to do more fashion posts - maybe an outfit a day or something?
Improve photography ~ My final blog goal - as far as I can think anyway - is to improve my photography. My uncle and aunt are photographers and they have their own studio, and they have kindly said that I can use their studio for taking professional pictures and to play about with their cameras - to help me decide what one I want to buy for myself.
Comment ~ I'm going to make sure and comment on all the posts I enjoy reading - I love getting comments so I should really do the same back.

Hope you enjoyed this post.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only who just can't seem to get into the habit of moisturising her body. :) That's one of my goals this year, too, to moisturise because I have not been treating my skin well for the past fifteen years...

    1. my skin probably hates me for how I treat it haha x


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