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So again I forgot to take pictures of my meals - so this is a very last minute post. I basically just decided that for this post I would put up a few pictures that help motivate me or that I like? Ok so here goes.

I think the first picture is something you should try to keep in mind when working out - your not going to see results over night, it takes time and hard work so don't give up.
I plan on trying to do some Yoga over the next few weeks to increase my flexibility - if I could be as bendy as the girl in the picture then I would be more than happy.
Squats. Ah, the maker of a beautiful bum. Recently I've neglected doing my daily squats becuase I've been trying out the 30 Day Fat Burn workouts. They are quite the work out and only take 10 minutes. I've been doing them recently as my cardio, its not a huge amount but its better than I was doing. The first video, which I'm planning on doing for 6 days, leaves your legs feeling sore and like you've had a really good work out.
I'm starting the gym on Monday so my cardio will be increased dramatically. Wish me luck.

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