Boots Natural Collection Passionfruit Body Spray

When I was working in Boots I spent a lot of time fixing the shelves - which meant I got to see products that I would't normally have seen before. This meant by the time I left after each shift I had a mental list of products that I wanted to buy and try next time I came in. One of the products that I saw and bought was one of Boots own branded products. I picked up their Natural Collection Passionfruit Body spray a couple of weeks ago - I actually picked up two but I sent one to my Secret Santa - I really wanted to get more of the scents but Christmas shoppers had cleared the shelves. At the time I had smelled them all - I think there is 6 different scents? And I had decided that the Passionfruit one smelled the best. Ice Musk, also smelled heavenly. They sell for £2, super cheap, and there is 150ml of spray. The packaging is simple but cute. And the smell oh my. Its fresh and fruity, at first the smell may seem a little strong - so don't spray it lots! But when it dies down you're left with a really lovely fruity smell. You could probably use this as a room spray since the smell is so strong and lasts for a fairly long time. I really would recommend you go smell all of the scents from this line, they smell beautiful.

Have you tried any of these sprays?

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