Extra Christmas Presents

Again - not bragging. I didn't include these presents because I hadn't seen my dad till after Christmas so I didn't include them in the post. I thought I would do a really quick post because I'm really really grateful and in love with what I got from my dad.
 My dad was really generous and spoilt me and my brother a little. He got me a little Benefit kit, Justine Case - it contains sample sizes of Benetint, Californian Kissin', eyecon and some kind-a-gorgeous foundation. I also got some love to shop vouchers - £16 worth from my dads work. Chocolate coins and Cadbury Wishes - both of which have been finished. A Visconti purse, inside it was some money and a £5 Debenhams voucher - ideas on what I can spend my vouchers on would be much loved. The final thing I got was a necklace and earring set from Clear Crystals. 

I hope you don't mind this small post on what I got from my dad . 

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