Fitness Fridays #2

I wrote my first post of this quite a while ago - I think it was about a month ago? And if I'm being honest - since then I went out for one run and did a little skipping and some HIIT. Not a lot though. I've also been eating so so so badly recently - it is the Christmas period after all, so its okay.
I thought I would do a quick(ish) post on my reasons/goals for wanting to exercise.

  • I really want to take part in a Colour Run this year. Last year it came no where near Glasgow - but hopefully this year it does, cause I really want to take part in that - so obviously I need to get fitter for that. 
  • Next up is just for becoming healthier - I just want to be healthy. This could include: not feeling as tired, looking less bloated and not getting out of breath as easily. Why would you not want to be healthy? 
  • I might (fingers crossed) be going on my first ever abroad holiday. Planes, sun, sea! Its only natural that I'd want to get fitter for that, and tone up a bit so that I can look suppa hot in a bikini - also so I can have the confidence to actually wear a bikini. 
  • Like I said in my previous point - I want to be more toned! There is absolutely nothing wrong with my wanting to tone up and gain a little muscle to stop jiggly bits from swaying. My main toning areas are my arms and my tummy. I'd also like to tone my thighs and perk up my boobies - yep I did just say that. I have recently lost a little bit of weight - no idea how - but my bust has became slightly smaller and this has resulted in le boobies going slightly south. I will combat this one way or another! 
So thats my little fitness goals post - next one will either be a work out for the week post or a work out playlist - we'll just have to wait and see how lazy I am next week. 

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