Fitness Fridays #3 #BloggerWLW

Sorry for the use of the same picture in all of these posts - I'm really just too lazy to make my own or find other pictures. So this week hasn't been great in terms of exercising - but it hasn't been awful either. I've managed to stick to some kind of routine - that I plan on making harder as I move on.
Basically this is just going to be a quick run down of the exercise I have done this week. So lets get onto it. I'm starting this on Saturday, since these posts go up on Fridays - my exercise week can be considered Saturday to Fridays.

Saturday 4th
I started Carly Rowena's 30 day arms challenge - oh my word. I didn't quite realise how weak my little arms were.
I hope Carly doesn't mind me putting this here - I took it straight from her Facebook page. I printed this one off for myself and saved it on my phone to ensure I did this every day. Push ups were done the girly way on my knees - I will work up to doing them the proper way. 30 second forearm plank had me shaking like a leaf trying to hold on to a tree during a tornado. Chair dips are fairly easy - but you can totally feel it down the back and insides of your arms - bicep curls and the cobra I didn't find overly hard. But when your arms are just really tired they do seem harder than they actually are. 
I also did 30 squats, and took my dog for a couple of walks. Squat wise, I did 3 sets of 10 and every other day I'm going to add 5 more into the mix - need to get that bubble bum. 

Sunday 5th
Again I took my dog out for a walk in the evening - nothing overly long she's old so doesn't need as much as she used to. 35 squats were done today, easy. 2 sets of 10 and one of 15. I feel like I should up the amount of squats per set? 
I did Carly's arm challenge again - I was surprised that I did, especially considering how sore my arms were from yesterday. I'm not sure if its normal, but the tops of my arms and my shoulders felt the sorest... I'll have to ask Carly about that.... The forearm plank didn't have me shaking as much today though - success!

Monday 6th
Went to the shops with my mum - there and back was well over 25 minutes and then straight after we got back I took my dog out for around 15-20 minutes.  As with yesterday, I did my 35 squats - tomorrow I have 40 to do, I think I'll do 2 sets of 20 for that. 
3rd day of Carly's Arm Challenge. Arms definitely don't feel as sore as yesterday - still can't do proper push ups. Tried to do it - thought I was going to pass out/ throw up/ arms give out and hit my face off the ground. Maybe all three of those things would have happened? I also almost toppled over my chair doing the dips - my bad. 
The other day Carly uploaded the first of her Bootcamp series - I was rather under the weather when she posted it so I couldn't do it, but today I decided to do it. 8 minutes of exercise that left my whole body feeling like jelly after it. I can only imagine how I'm going to feel tomorrow. I seriously recommend checking out her channel and blog if you want some really good exercises!
p.s If it isn't overly windy or pouring down tomorrow then I think I'll take my bike and go for a cycle - I like cycling. Note to self: buy a helmet for use of bike. 
p.s. Arms don't look to have gone all Hulk like - resting my nerves. If anything my arms look smaller? They really do look like they have become more streamline. 

Tuesday 7th
40 Squats. Done. Did 2 sets of 20, felt it a lot more in my legs - could also be due to Carly's bootcamp yesterday. 
4th day of the 30 Day Arm Challenge, I thought my arms were getting stronger - since they didn't seem overly bothered by the exercises. But today, my oh my. My little arms shook and ached. 

Wedneday 8th
Yesterday I felt unbelievably ill - I usually do my exercise at night as I feel most energetic then and waiting until 9pm(ish) helps me sleep. But today since I was feeling a little under the weather I didn't get to do all my exercise as I was unbelievably tired. 
I did do 15 squats - I was 35 short. The ones I didn't do will be added onto the ones I've to do tomorrow. I also only managed half of the 30 day arm challenge: 10 push ups, 20 chair dips, 30 dicep curls. Not great, but its better than nothing. 

Thursday 9th
Today I got up late so I havn't actually had 3 proper meals. But look at my brunch!!!
I had Scrambled eggs on toasted granary bread, with fried mushrooms, spinach and peppers - I didn't like the peppers though. Next time I'm definitely going to make more of the fried spinach and mushrooms. Not sure what other veggies to add in though - I'm not a lover of le veggies. I made the eggs in the frying pan - my mum told me how to make them in the microwave,  but they definitely taste better in the pan. 
I took a brisk 25 minute walk with my mum, she wanted me to walk her to her slimming world class - bless her. I even decided to jog the last bit home - it was so so so cold. 
To make up for my lack of squats yesterday I did the scheduled 45 along with another 25 more. My legs and bum kind of hate me. 
I also did the 30 day arm challenge - I did all of it today. So today is the 6th day of it. Still can't do proper push ups. I'm not bothered though since I'm not even half way through it. I'd hope they by at most day 20 that I could do it properly. 
Today I also found out that I've lost 4lb since just before Christmas, since I ate a lot, and loads of chocolate I know that its only been recently that I've lost that weight. 

Friday 10th
I spent the Majority of the day building flatpack IKEA furniture. My arms got so sore, but the 30 day arms challenge needed to be done! 
Along with 45 squats - cause y'know I'm still waiting on my bum getting round and amazing. 
I also did Carly's week 1 Bootcamp - its my second time doing it and even though week two comes out tomorrow I'm going to do week 1 again before Monday. 

Next week would you like a food diary? 


  1. Just found your blog Via Make up Pixi3! I really love it. I also watch Carly and The Lean Machines. They're brilliant fitness YouTubers!

    Casey x Caseyslifeandotherstuff.blogspot.com

  2. ahh i wanted to eat healthy but college can be so annoyng sometimes. its hard to!
    E | Beauty/Skincare | Cocoamourr

    1. Its quite hard sometimes - practice makes perfect though :)


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