Highend Wishlist

So I started making a little wishlist post and by the time I had finished it I realised that everything I had added to it was on the pricey side. So yah, high end wishlist.
Two of these things aren't available in the UK - or at least I don't think they are - Marc Jacobs make-up. Their Style Eye-Con No.7 palette in 206 and basically any of their blushes. They look super pretty - Marc Jacobs bring your make-up line here!
I really want to try one of Smashboxes eyeshadow palettes - either their Full exposure palette or their Fade to Black one. The Full Exposure palette is £36 and looks like it would be so so so good.
Three things from Estee Lauder. One of their Pure Colour blushes - purely because the packaging looks beautiful. And their Double Wear Foundation, I don't know the difference between the bottle and the tube so I added them both.
NARS Adult Content Blush Palette. £30. 4 Blushes. I need this now. Dior Fusion Mono eyeshadow, I don't know why but I want one - but I do.
Origins face mask - don't care what one, I just know I want to try one and I also really want Ginzing moisturiser.

Whats on your wish lists?


  1. Ahhh so many pretty pieces (way out of my league though)! I got a tub of Origins Ginzing as a sample when it first came out and loved it so much, I was devastated when it finished because I just can't justify spending that much on a moisturiser x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. I spent £11 on my last one so I don't mind paying £9 more for a proper high end one :)


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