Joules | Fabulous Fingers and Toes set

The only part of my body - apart from my face - that I make an effort to take care of is my feet. that could be because when I was younger I got an infection in my foot that travelled up my leg - it hurt so so so much. Ever since then I have made an effort to look after my feet. My feet still don't appreciate the effort. Any sets for foot care I tend to jump at the chance to get. So when I saw this one by Joules in the Boots sale I didn't think twice at picking it up. I hadn't seen this in the store before the sale - hence why I didn't pick it up sooner.
I got this for a measly £7 (£8 without staff discount). Even if the products were rubbish, I now have a pretty box and a pack of mini nail files. I think the little pack of mini nail files was a nice little extra - and for me a much needed item. I always seem to break my nails when I'm out and never have a nail file to stop it breaking to far - I usually end up with one really short nail and the rest are long. The little nail file pack contains 6 mini nail files and are a pink and white box print - similar to the foot lotions print.
The set contains basically everything you could need to take care of you hands and feet. You get their Tantalising Toes Foot Scrub, Fabulous Feet Foot Lotion, small bar of soap, How Handy Hand Cream and a foot rock - for buffing away dead skin. Something in the tin smells really zesty - but from having a sniff at the products I can't actually figure out what it is that smells like that - I figure it has to be the soap, right?
I've had a foot rock in the past and I quite liked it - but my mum got me a PedEgg, so it got replaced. I will use the little foot rock in the bath when my skins a bit softer - it might be slightly easier to soften my skin up.
The How Handy Cream has a slight lemony scent to it - which now makes me think the zesty scent is coming from all the products. When I first used it I thought the cream would be slightly harder in consistency than it was - more body butter feeling. It just looks hard, but its not. It's a really soft, quickly absorbing cream. It instantly makes your hands feel silky soft, and it definitely has a slight lemony scent to it. The little tub contains 50ml of product - Soap and Glory's travel sized Hand Food has the same amount of product as this. I think I would prefer to carry the small tub in my bag over a small tube - it just seems more compact and like it would take up less space.
The bar of soap - now is this a body soap or just a hand soap? I think I'll keep it as just a hand soap, keep it on my sink for people to use. It has the same sort of scent as the hand cream, and is 50g of soap. I've not taken its wrapper off yet - purely down to the fact that the wrapping for it is so darn cute. The little floral pattern with the joules rabbit holding it together - I mean how could you remove that?
 I kind of love the name of this scrub - Tantalising Toes. How cool is that?! Of the times I've used this scrub I've used it with the foot stone to give my feet a good buffing - they deserve to have the living daylight buffed out of them. First few time the dry skin didn't completely go away - but the bits that were once really hard had begun to soften up.
The name of this isn't nearly as cool, but the lotion is pretty darn good - so that makes up for the lack of a cool name. Again, the same as the soap and hand cream, it has a lemony zesty scent. After using the foot scrub ( which I tried to use every other day) I applied this. Even on days that I hadn't used the scrub I applied this. I applied a good dollop onto my feet then put a pair of socks on over the top to make sure my feet got a really good moisturising.

Have you tried anything from Joules before?


  1. I love the Joules prints they are so cute. Need to get some new feet products especially in time for summer as winter weather really drys them out

    Carrieanne x


    1. Scholl do a lovely cream - just in case your looking for one :)


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