Make-up storage | Before and After

So for the longest time I've not been overly thrilled with my make-up storage. I just really didn't know what to do with it. Its not that I didn't have enough space - it just didn't look pretty. And then Christmas came, and I got given a lot of make-up and beauty items. And of course I bought some beauty items in the sales - it couldn't be helped really.
I had wanted to get one of the IKEA Alex units for ages but they only came in white, and all my bedroom furniture is black. My mum kindly said she would buy me it if I decided on getting one - she said it would look fine since my room is black and white themed. Also its getting shoved in a corner next to my dresser and would probably be hidden by my curtain most of the time. As I type this I pray to god that when it comes it actually fits in the little space - I'm not very good with measuring things out.
 On my bedroom floor I currently have all my Christmas presents that I can't find a home for - there is just no space for all of it! If you can see where the bin is next to the shoe, then that is where I plan on putting my new unit.
 This is basically just an overview of how my dresser currently looks - its a bit cluttered. Also my chair doesn't match with any of my furniture. My brush pot and the little muji dividers will be moving to the new unit, along with my perfumes.
 I got the acrylic drawers from Ryman stationary ages ago - I think they still sell them - it was £12ish and holds most of my day to day makeup. Its drawers aren't quite deep as I'd like them to be, so its not able to house any of my foundations. Hence why they are sitting at the side of the unit.
The final before picture is a little crappy - so apologies for that. But basically what I was trying  to show here was the little bucket and the stuff around it - that you can't actually see. The bucket mostly holds empty boxes - random yes. But the boxes are ones I'm keeping until the post for each product goes up - just in case I lose any pictures and need to retake them. I also have some nail varnish remover and perfume bottles that don't have a place yet. 
When IKEA delivered all the furniture - trust me there was a lot of furniture, i was really excited to build it all - I like to build stuff... 
Inside my Alex unit, I've not yet got proper organisation inside it, but its ok for now. 
So under my dresser is a lot tidier now, my bin now has to go there as I have no space else where for it. I have to little storage buckets there as well, the grey heart one is currently just storing empty boxes of things I need to write a blog post about. The yellow one is basically just got things in it that I can't find a place for - so yeaaah. Hopefully I'll find them a place soon. 
 So I got the ALEX unit from IKEA - I really wish it came in black, but y'know take what you can get. On top of my unit I have my Urban Outfitters Owl candle holder, jar filled with cotton pads, Marc Jacobs Daisy, DKNY Red and Taylor Swifts perfumes.
So this is my rather unimpressive face drawer, most of my face make-up is in here. There is only a couple of concealers, a powder and one foundation left out on my dresser. This drawer is only about 1/3rd full - I NEED MORE!
My eye drawer is even sadder looking than the previous. The majority of the space used is by palettes. I suck. 
My fullest drawer of makeup products. Its still not very full though- I have the Nails Inc set box at the back along with a few tools. My Ciate set and a couple of nail wraps. I've still to find a way to organise these properly.
This drawer is completely full to the brim, it literally has no space left in it. Its a mix of face and body items - mostly body. I also have a few candles right up the back of the drawer. The front is facial products - I wish it was sort of tidier than it is but it does the job. I am certainly not going to buy any body items until most of this is gone. 
So this is my new tidier storage. If you have a make-up storage post let me know!


  1. Love it! I really want some new make up storage but I don't have room in my halls at the moment. I'm moving in to a new flat come September time so hopefully I'll have room for some pretty organisation! (P.s is that the Rihanna perfume I spy? One of my favourites!)

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. I'm quite glad I don't live in halls so that I have enough room for all my rubbish :) Yeah! Hopefully your flat will have space for some lovely storage.
      hahah Yeah thats Rihannas perfume - I love it :)

  2. I have the alex drawers too - they are a life saver! Just letting you know I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award! :) xx


  3. I bought the Alex drawers this last summer, they are a life saver, I bought two of them and also a table top so I made it into a desk where I can write for my blog and watch youtube vids.

    1. I'd have waaay to much space if I got 2 of the units :) How do you organise the drawers?

    2. I still haven't organized them, lol. All my make up is still in my dressing room as I don't want to go back and forth between rooms when I'm getting ready in the morning, it's such a waste of time and I do like my sleep... I've just filled them with new unopend products, my empties until I write my monthly empties post, my nail polish collection, my invoices so I can look at the prices when I'm blogging about a certain product and my hair straightener and some more rubbish, lol. I need to change my lighting and mirror and then I will finally be able to organize my make up properly but for now it came in handy to have more storage space. It's never too much as you keep collecting more and more throughout the years.


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