Not another sales haul | Urban Outfitters, FeelUnique.com

So I shopped the sales - again. This was all basically online things - so I did have to wait for this stuff to arrive. 
A couple of weeks ago I went to Urban Outfitters and the skirt I really wanted they didn't have in my size - so of course I had to go online and buy it there. But y'know it seems a waste to only buy one thing, so like any sane and reasonable person I picked up a few things. 
The skirt I got is this beautiful blue and green tartan print with flowers on it as well - I really love the zip detail on these skirts - I think I now have 3 or 4 skirts like this one. I just need to find some tops to wear with them. This skirt is in a small - gotta love UO sizing - and was £18 down from £35(I think).
I love Urban Outfitters jewellery, but it is rather expensive full priced - so what better time to get some than during a sale? This pack of 3 earrings was originally £10, but was reduced to about £4. They are quite cute, and simple. I don't wear earrings nearly enough so having these nice ones might encourage me to wear them more. The pack has silver v's, gold triangles and rose gold squares. 
I also got this ring from the site. I bought this ring thinking it was a midi ring - which I'm pretty sure the pictures on the website showed it as being, and got it in a S/M since I do have small fingers. It was around £3 in the sale so I thought the price was pretty good. When it arrived though it was huuuuge - they had sent me out a M/L! I'm hoping to get this exchanged for a smaller size - if not then I'll just get a refund. I unfortunately don't think I'll get a smaller one as their site is all sold out. 
When my new storage unit comes - this little guy is taking prime place on top of it. How cute is this owl tea light holder?! I spotted it months ago - but didn't fancy the £18 price tag that came with it. So when I saw it in the sale section of the website it took me all of about 2 seconds to add it to my basket. I believe he cost me £7-8 - still a little high - but it injects a little colour to my plain black and white room. I thought it would be a lot small than it actually is - its rather large.... 
Next up, Feel Unique. I went through their website quite a few times before finally finding a few things that I'd really love to try.
I didn't order much from Feel Unique since there wasn't really much that caught my eye - but two things did. The less exciting of the two being the Badger Sleep Balm - I really really struggle to fall asleep at night and I've wanted to try sleeping aids for awhile. So when I saw this I decided to give it a go - I had wanted to try things by This Works, but this was slightly cheaper so seemed the better starting point. It cost me £5.59 - in hindsight not a huge deal cheaper than the This Works set I could have got from Space NK - and there is just over 50g of product. It is a really thick balm, than melts slightly when you rub it. It smells quite nice, and does actually make me feel a bit tired for a few seconds after sniffing. They say "The soothing scent of Lavender and Bergamont will help you relax before sleep", they also suggest rubbing a thin layer under your nose, on the lips, on temples and any other pulse points. I'll let you know how I get on with this and if it does indeed help me fall asleep quicker. 
I finally caved in and bought myself the YSL Babydoll mascara - I think in a YouTube video a couple of weeks ago I said that I would never buy myself a high end mascara because of the price and the length of time they last. Well yeah, I lied.  This gift set, containing the mascara and their eye make-up remover cost less than the mascara on its own did. Being the logical person that I am - I decided that this was a massive bargain and therefore - after asking twitter about it, ofc - I must have it. It cost me a rather hefty £20.83 - next time I'll use my boots points I think. But I have been told it is worth every penny you pay and I can't wait to see how it works. 
Last up - not actually sale items but I felt I absolutely must include them. Its the L'Oreal #TXT styling sprays. I bought both ones that Morrisons stocked - I think there's another member of the #TXT family. I got the Volume Supersizing Spray and the Wave Creating Spray. Recently my hair has been a bit, bleugh and I've desperately wanted to do something to give a bit more life and va va voom. Hopefully these will help, I think the wave spray was about £1.80 and the volume one around £3.30.

Have you tried any of the products I mentioned? 


  1. The TXT volume spray is fab, my current favourite! It gives my hair just the right amount of oomph and texture when it's too clean. And those earrings are very very cute too.

    1. It's amazing how big it can make my hair - love it!

  2. You got some amazing bargains! :) I'd love to try the YSL goodies.
    I posted about some of my January sales bargains too - would love if you could check them out if you get the chance.


    1. You really should try out some ysl it's really good! X

  3. I love the ring you got, it's gorgeous! Would love to hear how you get on with the #txt products, especially the volume spray.
    Laura x | My Life in a Blog

    1. Love it so far! Not so sure about the wave spray though ://


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