NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil | Yogurt

I had never tried anything from NYX before, but I have lusted over so much of their stuff for months. The first NYX items I got were sent to me by Zoe. One of the items she sent me was a Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yogurt. The only way - as far as I know - that we can get our hands on NYX products in the UK is by ordering from their site. A little annoying if you don't know how the colour is going to look.
Yogurt is such a pretty pale brown colour, at first I thought it was a champagne colour, but I now think its a very light pale brown. It doesn't give a very dark lid colour, it gives just the subtlest hint of colour - if you go to a school where you can't wear makeup or can't wear a lot then this would be a good colour for you.
It does crease, but only slightly. I think if you don't have oily eye lids then creasing wont be a problem for you. I found if I rubbed over the creased bit I could easily fix the creasing, so it wasn't a huge problem. Just draw this on the eye lid and blend it out with your finger, and now you have either a nice all over lid colour or a base for other colours.


  1. Love the NYX Jumbo pencils! Cottage Cheese ( weird name i know!) is great for a shimmer brow highlight or a easy shimmer eye color! If you ever want to do an exchange I would definitely send you some lovely NYX products! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up


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