OOTD & FOTD - New Years Dinner

Every year, or almost every, I go to my Grans house for New Year. We eat lots of food, Steak Pie (the best and softest crust part), potatoes, carrots, apple pie with ice cream and left over Christmas cake. My Gran also brought out Jaffa Cakes when everyone was having coffee cause she knows how much I like them! My gran is to good to me. Any way - heres some pictures of what I wore!
My dress was from Urban Outfitters, I got it in the sale just recently. My jumper is also a sale purchase from UO, its so soft and cosy. I decided to put tights on since it was kind of cold and I think it looks slightly better with tights on. My shoes have a slight heel on them and are from Topshop. They have a sturdy sole, they are fairly comfortable but after a long time wearing them your feet can start to feel a bit sore. My little bracelet was a 18th birthday present and New Years was the first time I had worn it - the magnet that keeps it together has come off so I need to get glue and fix it. 
Make-up wise I didn't have much time to do much with my face before we had to leave. But anyhoo, my make-up is as follows: my foundation is benefits Hello Flawless, I applied my Soap and Glory One Heck Of A Blot powder, Lord and Berry Eyebrow pencil, L'Oreal's new Mascara Miss Manga and for the lips Maybelline's Moisture Renew in Dark Night Water-oops.
I'll just leave you with this picture of my mum, gran and me all with tea cosys on our heads - we were recreating a picture that was taken exactly like this 17 years ago.

Hope you all had a good New Year!

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