Pets Pets Pets

Even before I was born there were pets around. I've essentially grown up with animals. I've never not had a pet in my whole 18 years of living. In total I've had 3 cats, 2 dogs, 2 mice, 1 rat, 1 hamster, loads and loads of fish, 2 guinea pigs, 2 snakes ( one fell ill and unfortunately died), 1 bearded dragon and one rabbit. I think that is me listed everything.
The only pets I still have are my dog Holly, one of my cats Emmy and the newest addition to the family my other cat Hayley. We got Hayley after Christmas about 3 years ago - shortly after my cat Rupert passed away. He was 18, and unfortunately he was really unwell before he died. Rupert had been my first pet, and I was completely heart broken when my parents decided to have him put down, his way of life wasn't good anymore as he wasn't eating and was really weak. I miss that little black cat. I'm actually beginning to well up thinking about him.
My cat Emmy was bought from a farm about 15 years ago - I could be completely wrong. I remember the day we got her, she was sat in a little shoe box as we drove home - she was wild and kept jumping about the car. I know I was only 3 or 4 when we got her, but I asked my mum if what I remembered was right and she said it was. I was told to hold onto her as we drove home, but she kept crying and then started jumping around the car like a nutter.
Emmy is such a suckup, she always wants a hug. She will also eat any thing - the other day she ate a cheesy Wotsit. The be more dog advert, they should use my cat she is basically that advert. She also likes to have her belly rubbed. What a little cute little fatty.
Thought I'd never get a picture of her - she NEVER stops moving!!!!
Hayley - the newest addition to the family - was brought back in January a few years ago. I remember getting ready for school in the morning and my dad came to the door after his night shift with a cardboard box and a little black and white cats head poking out. When we got her she was so cute - sort of wild, she had just been rescued from my dads yard. My dog went to go eat the food we had given Hayley, and the cat went for Holly - the dog. She is a wild one. They get on now, its us humans she doesn't get on with all the time.
Holly, my little puppy. She is a Collie cross with a Labrador. She has bundles of energy considering she is getting old - I think she is 10/11 years old now. When she was a puppy she was so small that we couldn't find a collar small enough for her - we ended up having to use a toy dog collar - the toy was also her bed buddy. When she was a puppy she used to not like sleeping on her own, so we would have to wait with her until she fell asleep. What a little spoilt pup. I love messing around with her, for all I say how much she annoys me I do love her lots.
Here is a picture of my little bunny - she died at the start of the year after getting frightened by a fox. I loved my little Luna oh so much - she was such a character, chased my cats and was so friendly and loved cuddles. I think I might need to get myself another mini lop.
I love animals so much, always have and I always will. Every time one of my pets has died I have cried like a huge baby - my rabbit last year, my cat 3 years ago and my little hamster. I loved my little hamster - I really want another one but I'm worried that it won't be as brilliant as my little ginger buddy was. I'd also love a goat, random but yeah. A goat, another dog, a hedgehog or some other small animal would be loved greatly by for all of time.
I really love animals, and really want another pet but my mum wont let me. 
Do you have any pets? 


  1. Ohhh such cuties. Sorry to hear about your rabbit :( I have one cat just now - he's a big old grumpy sod called Ginger but he can be a total sook sometimes and loves a cuddle. A couple of years ago we got a gorgeous wee kitten called Hamish who was an absolute rascal but sadly he was attacked by our neighbours cat last January and had a heart attack, I still miss him millions every single day x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. Your neighbours cat sounds evil!
      I love ginger cats - they are super cute :) ❤️


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