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I wasn't 100% what to call this post. I didn't want to call it a review since its my first ever epilator, but nothing else seemed right. My mum got me this as part of my Christmas, and a few people commented on my post asking me to do a post on how I got on with it. I was a bit worried about the pain before I first used it so this post may help calm peoples minds about getting one.
The one I have is the Philips Satinelle, and you can buy it from here for £34.99 (its currently marked down usually its £69.99). It comes with the epilator, the power adapter for it, extra shaving head, trimming comb, little brush to clean and a travel pouch. The extra shaving head is designed for the more intimate areas of the body, like the underarms and bikini line.
For the sake of this review I'm going to use this again on my legs, and on my underarms and bikini line. I was only planning on using this for use on my legs - but to b able to give a full review I'll do all areas. yay
Essentially, the epliator tweezes the hair out your legs. That sounds unbelievably painful - tweezing your hairs out your legs, but trust me when I say its not that sore.
I thought I'd include this picture of the back of the box, as it gives a bit of info on the epilator and how it works. Each image (1-4) have a little bit of corresponding information with it: 1. Gentle tweezing discs. Removes hairs without pulling the skin; 2. 20 tweezers remove hair as short as 0.5mm from the root; 3. Washable epilation head for extra hygiene and easy cleaning; 4. Shaving head with comb. Follows the contours of your bikini line/ underarms for a closer shave. Use the comb to cut longer hairs before epilation or to trim your bikini area.
 The epilator itself is the prefect size for your hand, it doesn't feel bulky and it is incredibly light. The only downside to it is that it isn't waterproof and needs to be plugged in in order for you to use it.
 The cable though is very long. So you don't need to worry about not having a long enough cord. 
This is the head you would use for use on the legs, its basically got lots of little metal discs in it that spin, and as they spin they act like a pair of tweezers grabbing at the hair and pulling it out. I found the best way - and least painful - to use this was just after a bath. As your legs dry though it does get more painful - but I would say its not any more painful than getting your eye brows waxed. So keep your bath filled and use the epilator basically as soon as you step out the tub - or if you don't have a bath, make sure you've been in a shower for a good five or so minutes before you use it. Dry skin is a bit more painful than wet skin.
The epilator has 2 speed settings as well - set it to the highest speed. The quicker it goes the less you notice the tweezering. I first used this on my legs on Christmas day, it is now the 8th of January - and I have just the tiniest bit of re-growth. But I'll be taking care of this tonight in my bath.
Epilating your legs is so much better than just simply shaving - for one you don't need to do it every other day and it won't cut you.
The first time I used it, I did notice my skin was a bit bumpy afterwards - but that went away pretty quickly, within a few hours it was gone.
Underarm wise - I wouldn't recommend using it. Neither the trimming head nor the tweezing head work very well on the arm pits. I just find that it doesn't grab the hairs so you would be there for quite awhile trying to get the hairs to get plucked out.
Bikini line wise the little shaver is really really good. I feel a little weird talking about this - but y'know we're all grownups. The tweezing head for this hurts like a mother, but you'd probably only use it on your thighs - if you've ever had a bikini wax then it basically hurts as much - if not more - than that.
I really love my epilator though, it keeps leg hair away for such a long time - gotta love that.

I hope this post was somewhat helpful. I love my epilator and couldn't recommend it higher. 

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