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So yesterday, the 30th, I went into town with my mum after I finished work. There are just some shops that Braehead doesn't have - like TK Maxx, John Lewis and of course Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters is possibly my favourite clothing store - and definitely my favourite more expensive clothing store.
Anyhoo, on to the haul. When I got into town I met up with my mum and brother, the first place we went to was TK Maxx - I didn't get anything from there but I did find a Korres moisturiser that I was really close to buying and a big ceramic owl storage pot. I had to hold myself back and really ask myself if I needed it - the answer was no to both. But all I can think about is that owl pot!!!
The first shop I actually bought something from was Debenhams, I had £5 on my debenhams beauty card so I used that on my purchase. The first thing I picked up was from Philosophy, I had seen their Christmas stuff every day in work, and was practically drooling over it. I decided when I saw their little area that I was for sure going to pick something up since it was 50% off all their Christmas items, the one I went for was the Peppermint Stick.
Basically all of Philosophy's items are like 3 in 1s. This one is a shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath. How good is that!! 3 in 1 baby. Not sure how my hair would react to this but I do definitely think this would make such an amazing body wash and bubble bath. Imagine if you had a cold and you went for a bath with this - it would make your cold disappear. For £7 down from £14 is a total steal.
The only other thing I got - which is possibly my favourite thing ever - was from bareMinerals. Its their Affair to Remember palette - I think this is a party type palette as its got a fair few shimmer colours. I do love this little palette and I'll probably cry when this gets scratched.
How pretty are those colours?! There are 4 matt(ish) colours and 4 shimmery colours. There's a white - with a slight shimmer and a tiny hint of pink, a pretty brown that looks like its a tiny bit metallic, a salmon pink colour, a shimmer dark purple, a matte lilac, a slightly shimmery grey/blue, metallic purple and a sort of greeny brown. This is such a beautiful palette, some of the colours are less wearable day to day than others but I think this will be a prefect palette for a special occasion or a night out.
Next up was Urban Outfitters. They always have an epic sale and I decided I absolutely had to have a look to see if I could find any little treasures. I made the fatal mistake though of checking their website first though - going to have to put a little online order to get the few things I couldn't get in store. First thing I saw was something I didn't have in mind when I went in, and it is this cropped green coloured jumper. Its super soft and really cosy. Everything you could ever want in a jumper. Although I say its cropped - as you can see its still reasonably long. It was £30 down from £45 and I got student discount on top of it. Gotta love the Urban Outfitters sale. The picture makes it look a lot more blue then it actually is - so sorry about that.
I also got myself a skirt. I say I, but what I mean is my mum kindly bought me it. Its a really dark green/ blue colour with white leaves and little flowers on it. The skirt also has a zip going right up the front of it which is a really cool detail - at least I think it is. It was £25 down from £38 - bargain. Theres another skirt I'm going to buy online later since I couldn't find it in the shop.
The final thing I bought from Urban Outfitters was this beautiful dress - I want to say its a smock dress? Its not something I would usually go for but when I tried it on I fell completely in love with it. And the jumper goes with it!! This was also £30 (£27 with discount) down from £55, that I think is such a good deal.
There is so much jewellery that I want from UO, but I think I'll just have to wait for that.
Next up - really the proper first place I went - was Boots. I had a wee look again before I started my shift, and I managed to pick up a couple of gems. I bought two different sets and paid a total of £14 ( £16 with out staff discount)
I wasn't planning on looking at the sale stuff, but at I walked past I noticed some Soap and Glory sets. So, y'know I just had to wander over and have a look. I decided I was going to buy the Eye Box kit, this is quite an impressive set - even if it was full price its amazing value. You get their Thick and Fast Mascara, 6 shadows, a little brush and one of their waterproof kohl eye liners. It is quite a bulky palette, which is maybe its only downfall but I don't mind as I'm going to be getting some new storage very soon. IM SO EXCITED!!!!
Next up was something that I had looked at online - Joules Fabulous Fingers & Toes set. I hadn't seen this in my store for a couple of weeks so I was really surprised when I saw it. The set contains: a foot scrub, soap, hand cream, a foot scrub rock and a foot cream. They also have a little set on mini nail files tied onto the box - I'll definately be putting them in my bag.
The last place I went to was John Lewis. This was a very nail orientated purchase, as both things I got, all £21 of it, was nail polish. The first thing I saw was this little set by Ciate - I saw this on their website both before and during the sales and decided if I could get it in the shop then I would definitely get it.
I managed to pick up the Ciate Red Velvet nail set for £7 - half price! £14 is still pretty amazing for a nail set like this. The red one was the obvious choice for me - I mostly wear reds on my nails - I just think it looks so sleek and classy. And fuzzy red nails just seems like the best thing ever.
My final purchase for this shopping trip was the Nails Inc My Nail Polish Diary. Oh Em Gee. I was under the impression that is was sold out basically everywhere, so when I saw it on one of the shelves ends in John Lewis I practically ran across the store to grab it. When I saw it I didn't even think about buy it - I just knew I was going to buy it. No question about it. I actually thought these would be miniatures, but no it contains 12 full sized nail polishes. I got this for £21 down from £45(I think) and considering these are £11 each that is such an amazing deal - even full priced.

So thats everything I bought on this shopping trip. 
There will probably be another sales haul like this soon.


  1. You bought some fab things! I'm especially in love with the nails Inc polishes, what a bargain.
    Laura x
    My Life in a Blog

    1. I could have cried with happiness when I saw it :)


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