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So recently I've seen quite a few people doing the Beauty talk TAG and I decided to do it as well - despite not being tagged. When I saw Jessica from Jessica's Beauty Garden do this TAG I decided that I would do it as well. So onto the questions. 

What products have stood out to you this year?
I think for me Lord and Berry products have really stood out - I adore their foundation. It has such an amazing finish and feels really light on the skin. Another make-up product that I've found amazing is the Collection Work The Colour Shadow Pencils, they last a long time and don't crease. 
A skincare  thing I think that is a really stand out product is the Soap and glory Peaches and Clean facial wash. It leaves your skin feeling really clean and fresh - my skin doesn't feel nearly as oily after using it for a couple of days use. 

Which makeup items would you recommend for young girls or people who are just getting in to beauty?
I personally would recommend anything by MUA, Barry M, Seventeen and Collection. They are crazy cheap and most of it is really high quality. From MUA I would recommend their eye shadow palettes - they are only around £4 to buy and are fairly high quality. 

Favourite high street and high end beauty brand?
From the drugstore, I have to say its between Rimmel, Maybelline and Bourjois. They all have really great products - Maybellines eye products are amazing and such a great price. Bourjois foundation is amazing, I don't think there is another brand that does one quite as good for the price. 
For high end I have to say MAC as its the only high end brand I've tried anything from. I adore their lipsticks, I'm hopefully going to try more from them in 2014 - maybe a couple of eye shadows. 

Most disappointing product you've tried?
Benefits They're Real Mascara. I had really high hopes for it, because of how hyped up it was. I don't know why but my lashes just don't get on with it. They end up looking really spidery and weird. I'm sort of glad I got a sample before going out and buying it as I would have been really annoyed at having payed so much for it.

A beauty item you use everyday?

My Nuxe Reve De Miel lip balm or my Bioderma Sebium. Obviously the lip balm to stop my lips from becoming sore and cracked and Bioderma to cleanse my face - its my lazy way of cleaning my face. Make-up isn't something I wear everyday so I really couldn't have picked an item of makeup. 

What are you essentials for winter?
A cosy jumper and a good sturdy pair of shoes. I know most people go for make-up or beauty things for this but I don't change the make-up I wear or my skin care so my only essentials are a good pair of shoes, stylish yet practical and a nice jumper. I got a really nice pair of ankle boots from ASOS for around £25 a few months ago, and they are perfect for the winter. Jumper wise, I have a couple of thick cardigans that I've had for years and a couple of fluffy jumpers from H&M that are brilliant for the colder weather. 

Your favourite product for a dramatic, party look?
Erm, gel liner I think is a must have for me in a party look. The cat eye flick thing makes a party look in my mind. I love the Revlon one, I don't have it to hand at the moment but I think its the colour stay one? I like a bold lip as well, be it a bright red or a purple. Any bold lip colour just adds to the brilliance of the look. I love MAC Rebel or Maybelline Moisture Renew in Dark Night Water- Oops! I'm not much of a matchy person for nails so I tend to ignore them. 

There was another question but it was for Christmas and thats been and gone. 
So theres my answers - hope you enjoyed!

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