Ted Baker Ipad Case

On the first on January I received a tweet from Allie who is the girl behind The Friday Girl, saying that I had won her Ted Baker IPad giveaway. I was so so so happy, and felt extremely lucky. I had only just started reading her blog and only put a few entries in for it, so I never thought that I would even have a chance of winning. 7 days later the beautiful case arrived, I was in love with it as soon as I saw it.
I don't actually own an Ipad but I figured that my little Google Nexus could be carried about in it, it is a little small for it but at least it will be safe when I travel with it. It does sit happily in there, it also helps me hide it from my mum - who constantly uses it, who also broke it last week. As you can see it is a little small, but I figure I can carry the Nexus and a note pad and if I go on holiday it can hold any and all gadgets I take with me.
I've wanted something Ted Baker for ages, their make-up bags call my name, I don't carry make-up with me so I don't need it but it's just so darn pretty! The case is a beautiful pink colour with the black bow and rose gold detailing - so pretty! 

Thank you so so so much Allie for this, I absolutely love it.

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