Weightloss Wednesdays on a Friday?

So about a week ago Jennifer from Barely There Beauty sent out a tweet that she was wanting to start up a Weightloss blogger group. I decided the motivation and support from other bloggers to keep me going would be a great thing - so I joined up!
Here is the link to her post about this group. There are going to be weekly posts on Thurdays at 8pm, and today being the first post. I'm not going to be doing weight loss Wednesdays though - like everyone else - I'm going to be doing my posts on Fridays, as Fitness Fridays. If you want to follow the posts from us bloggers taking part then you can use the hashtag #bloggersWLW and that way you can see the chat and the posts we're all doing.
I did a post at the end of last week - it was already typed up and set to go before I noticed how similar the topic for this week and that post were. So I'll just do a quick run through:

  • I'm not really wanting to lose weight as such, a few pounds would be nice
  • I'd like to tone up and just get generally healthier
I plan on doing cardio 2-3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. On top of this, I'm going to give myself a small daily workout that is quick and easy to fit into my day. For example, doing 30 squats, a little hula hoop and some other small moves.
 I want a bubble butt, so I will be doing squats and lunges and other bum related exercises. I'll start with 30 squats a day and go up in 5's, maybe 10, every other day.

Lets get fit for 2014! 


  1. I'm with you!! As I sit and eat a takeaway... but seriously I would love to join forces haha xx


    1. You should!!! Keep each other motivated all week!!

  2. Sounds great Sarah! I think we'll all be turning to you for exercise tips and advice! I've personally been a bit hesitant of squats and things in fear of getting big legs but everyone else raves about them, excited to see how they work for you and the bubble butt! :P

    Jennifer Barely There Beauty | UK Beauty Blog


    1. Can't wait for my big bum to come along :)) hahah


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