Wilko Candles | Brilliant and cheap

I love candles. More so for decoration that actual burning - so buying expensive candles for me is a waste. I've found my perfect little decorative candles though! Wilkinsons have the best candles in my opinion - maybe not for scent but for how they look. They do smell good though! The first candle I got from them was at the start of December - I was in with my mum having a look and we went a little mad in there. A candle themed thing she got was a really pretty silver candle holder - its Christmas themed though, so it will probably be going away soon. The one I got is also Christmas themed but that isn't going to stop me from keeping it out.
Yes it does say Merry Christmas on it so I will at one point have to put it away - since having it out in July might be odd. But I think it looks really pretty the design on both the lid and round the tin is really cute. The scent is kind of spicy, but also fruity? I don't usually like spicy scents but I quite like this one. I think Wilkos candle tins are priced between £2.50 and £3 - really affordable and a brilliant little candle.
The second Wilko candle I got was from Charlie, my Secret Santa. I had seen this one before and really wanted to buy it, but for whatever reason didn't. This one is Star Jasmine and White Patchouli scented.
The packaging for this candle is super cute, and since it isn't Christmas themed can sit out all year round. The tin looks very sleek and cute. The candle itself smells really fresh and is a pleasure to burn.

What are your favourite candles? 


  1. I'm a mahoosive lover of candles - especially scented ones. I have a cotton one at the moment (it's like I'm pretending its spring already). Over christmas I was loving the sweet, rich smelling ones so thought I'd mix it up a bit in the new year. I just started a student blog link-up and this post is perfect for it! Hope you link-up xx

    Oh Hey Kayspray!

    1. Candles - you gotta love them :)
      I linked up :) x


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