YSL Babydoll Mascara | Review

I had said a few months ago I would never pay more than about £12 for a mascara - well it appears I may have lied. I was scrolling through FeelUniques sale one night and came across YSL Baby doll mascara and eye makeup remover in a little set for £20.83. I really wasn't sure about getting it - its a lot of money for a mascara, I had also never read a review about it before so I didn't actually know how it looked on the lashes. Like any normal human being I decided to ask Twitter what to do - totally sane and rational right? A fair few girls told me it was an amazing mascara - but dries out fairly quickly. I'm hoping mine doesn't dry out quickly cause if I love it then its going to be a fairly expensive thing to love. A girl I went to school with, has this mascara and showed me a picture of it on her lashes. It looked amazing - basically as soon as I saw how it looked I bought it.
It came a couple of days later, Feel Unique are incredibly fast with delivery. Oh and their delivery is free! The mascara came in a beautiful gold box and was housed in a black felt type plastic container. The box seems to pretty to throw away, but it will save space to get rid of it.
The skinny gold tube with the red babydoll text on it looks super sleek and classy. The wand I believe is plastic, and the little bristles look really tiny - I've found in the past little bristles can be either really good or absolutely rubbish. There never seems to be an in-between.
First time using it I was blown away, it made my lashes look really dark, full and long. It also gave them an incredibly good curl without even using a curler! Since 99% of the time I wear glasses, I always judge how my lashes look behind my frames - sometimes they can look fab without my specs but as soon as they go behind my frames the beauty of them goes as well. Not with this though - both with and without my glasses on my lashes look amazing. I think I love this just as much as my YVES Rocher one. I find it kind of incredible - my lashes sort of look like I've got false ones on? I think I may be in love with this false eye look mascara - its my new baby.
I usually have one section of my lashes that just doesn't want to co-operate, but Babydoll fixes that. I've gotten myself in to quite an expensive love affair. My eyes look bigger and better when wearing this - I really wish I could show you a picture, but I just couldn't get a picture to show how good it looked!

Have you tried Babydoll? 


  1. I have this mascara and LOVE it. I paid full price for it and don't regret it one bit! I limit it to my "special occasion" mascara and use Benefit Bad Gal as my every day. I've had mine since September now and it hasn't dried out, but if you find yours does try leaving the tube in a mug of boiling (or maybe just warm) water for a while and that should melt it a little, I find that this helps when it starts to get clumpy too x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. I've not tried Bad Gal - I really didn't like the They're Real - but I might try it out. Thanks for the tip! I've never heard or thought to put them in hot water :)


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