5 Things to Save For

Since I got up this morning I knew I wanted to write a blog post. What I wanted to write about was another story though. I had no idea at all about what to write about, I had nothing new to review and my outfit, well it consisted of a fluffy jumper and gym gear - not that I was actually doing any exercise.
I had spent the morning trying to figure out ways to get some extra pennies, so I took to eBay and sold a few things. That got me thinking - what am I saving up for? There are a fair few things I want to get this year - all of which are crazy expensive. I could buy one of them now but I like the idea of saving up and not blowing all my savings in one go.

Brand New Shiny Camera
I recently put my camera on Gumtree before I move and sell it on eBay - just to see if I can get the amount I want for it. So when it goes the money that I get will be going straight to my DSLR fund, also I'll be stuck using my IPhone for pictures - I hope that it takes good pictures. I've got my eyes on either the Canon EOS 600D - typical blogger camera or the Nikon D5200. The D5200 is fairly more expensive than the 600D, but it looks hella brilliant! I'm aiming to have about £500 saved before I go and buy a new camera - that way I get to have more choice about what camera I buy.

Beautiful Designer Bag
I saw a Michael Kors bag on a few peoples blogs and instantly felt jealous of them. £310 ish for a bag though is a lot so I think in terms of when I get this it will be somewhere between August and the end of the year - getting a new job would help brilliantly with this.

NARS Narcissist Palette
At a whopping £55 for an eyeshadow palette this is something I'm definitely going to have to save towards if I want to be the proud owner of it. My mum will probably kill me if I spend that much on it buy y'know its NARS and its beautiful. I have until June to get my hands on it - even if I don't NARS will release something just as pretty soon after.

A Holiday
I've never been on a plane and I haven't been on a holiday of any kind since I was 15 or 16. My friend and I are thinking of going to Paris in the summer and I think I'll need at least £300 for that, just for hotel and flights, then a few ore hundred for spending money and stuff like that. And if I want to go to Disneyland then I need £60 for tickets.

Leather Jacket
I've wanted a real leather jacket for such a long time and recently I saw a really lovely one by Free People on ASOS, its £138 but it is a real leather jacket so should last a really long time. I also think Leather jackets are kind of a classic piece and looks brilliant with basically all items.

Do you have anything your saving towards?


  1. Aside from a leather jacket you've basically just listed everything I want at the moment... I do love my camera (Nikon D3100) but I've had it for a good few years now and am quite fancying an upgrade to the Nikon D5200 seeing as all of my current lenses will still work with it. I'd love a MK bag, I keep seeing a gorgeous teal one everywhere as a girl at uni has one and it's making me so envious. x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. I'm upgrading my rubbish little Olympus camera, I think price wise I'm going to end up going for the Canon 600D since its the most affordable for me :)
      I would be over the moon if I could get the MK Selma bag - so pretty!

  2. I'm definitely saving to get the full exposure palette from smash box. It looks so darn beautiful!

    The Caribbean Flower


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