Lily King Jewellery

I schedule practically all of my posts a fair few days (if not weeks) in advance, this is both an annoyance and a god send for me. I love the writing of posts - but hate missing days for posting. So this post is probably going to be going up a fair while after I write this. But currently: its night time, I'm watching YouTube videos and I've not had dinner, but I wanted to write up a blog post - what I wanted to write about still hasn't quite come to me yet. I'm sure as I look round my room I'll come up with something.
The other day I noticed on twitter that Lily King was having a sale on. If you haven't been on the Lily King website then you are really missing out. I don't tend to wear jewellery, but this year I really want to wear more jewellery. So I bought what I think is maybe the more adorable necklace ever.
I snagged up this beauty for just a measly £5 - how cute is that!? The little gold cloud hangs just above the chest - if you want to see a picture of it on, you could have a look on my Instagram since there is a few on there. I ordered it on Wednesday night and it arrived on Saturday morning, so the delivery is super quick.
Along with the necklace, they kindly included a beautiful pair of gold earrings - such a lovely little gift! They are very simple but I think they will add a lot to an outfit without it being to much. Not only did they include the free earrings but they also gave me a discount code for the next order I place - I will definitely be ordering something from them again soon.

If you're looking for some really pretty pieces of jewellery you really should check out Lily King!


  1. This is gorgeous, especially love the star earrings. I haven't heard of Lily King before, but have a few friend's birthdays coming up so will have a nosey as I'm always rubbish at coming up with ideas.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

    1. Your friends would be so lucky to get bits from them for their birthdays :) They have so many really pretty things x

  2. Oh wow these are absolutely beautiful, I am off to have a look myself xxx


    1. So so pretty! Really need to make another order soon :)


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