NARS Laguna Bronzer Review

Move back a few months and I never used bronzer, the only time I ever used it was on a night out - where its too dark in a club to see how horrific the bronzer looks on my skin. I had NARS Laguna applied to my face by a girl on the NARS counter, and as soon as I saw how lovely and natural it looked I knew that I was going to buy it very soon. This was the very first NARS product that I've owned and its safe to say that I don't regret it at all.
I use this every time I wear make-up, its now a part of my make-up routine that I just can't leave out - I'd rather leave the house with no mascara or lipstick on than without Laguna. This is the only bronzer I've tried, loved and fell completely in love with - others that I've tried have just looked a bit dark or orangey on my skin. So for me this is the best bronzer, and possibly the only one I'll ever use again? It's going to be absolutely perfect for me when the sunnier months come around, giving my skin a bit of warmth that it never gets normally.
You get quite a lot of product in it, 8g of product. As far as I'm aware that's pretty good, especially since their blushes contain just under 5g. The packaging is pretty snazzy as well, if you're not used to the beautiful NARS packaging then you'll know how wonderful it feels to hold it for the first time. The slightly rubberised packaging gets really grubby really quickly - but its nothing a quick wipe can't fix. The bronzer comes with a really big mirror, fairly handy if you were travelling and needed to have a quick peak at your face. For me though, no mirror seems to be big enough for me - my mirrored wardrobes don't seem to be big enough for me to apply my make-up.
Laguna makes it incredibly easy to brighten up your face really easily, you can also easily contour with it since it is basically completely matte - it does have a slight shimmer to it though. Its just perfect. It lasts all day, and makes me look less like Casper the ghost and more warm living human being.

What NARS product should I try out next?


  1. I absolutely love my Nars Laguna bronzer and I couldn't live without it either. The Nars blushers are also really nice and I would definitely recommend them, I have Lustre, Orgasm and Sin and they are all gorgeous :) x

    1. oooh I'll look at those ones next time I'm in a store that sells them :) xx


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