Benefit Gimme Brow Review

I gave into the hype. Like I seriously fell for this product as soon as I saw it, I read so many posts on this and absolutely loved the look it gave. So naturally, the first time I saw it in Boots I had to have it. The make-up artist at the Benefit counter was really lovely and really helpful, she kindly applied Gimme Brow, as soon as I saw how easily and quickly it went on and how beautiful it looked on I knew that I'd be taking it home with me.
I've got the darker of the two colours, medium/deep, it genuinely looks so good on. It looks really natural, makes your brows look crazy thick and just all out amazing. I've tried pencils and powders and I never seemed to like the way it looked on. I'm a girl of convenience and for me spending ages on one part of your face, just isn't worth it for me. Gimme Brow is perfect for me. Its so quick to apply and I don't really think its possible to make a huge mistake with it.
From what I've gathered, from both the Benefit girl at the counter and from what was said on QVC, Gimme Brow is a fibre gel that not only grabs your brow hair but it also adheres to the skin, creating the look of naturally full brows. From what I understood, the fibre gel is also used in a lot of mascaras to grab smaller lashes, also I believe that this is the only brow product on the market with fibre gel.
The gel grabs even the smallest of hairs, hairs that you may not even have noticed you have! For me this is crazy good on the front of my brows that are rather sparse, it gives the appearance of them being really quite thick and dark. Hello power brow.
I don't think my brows have ever looked so good. 
You could easily apply this on the go, and I think this will be finding its way to university with me on days where I've not had enough time to apply it at home. Its completely waterproof, so no need to worry about it smudging across your face - great for me on days when I'm running late and sprinting to the train station. When the gel is applied you don't even notice that its there, unlike some brow gels that can feel a bit hard.
The tube seems a little small for £17.50 but I'm hoping it lasts quite awhile. The packaging isn't anything special, unlike the majority of Benefits products. Its a pretty basic little tube with small polka dots on it, simple and fairly cute, I think more effort was put into the box it came in packaging wise.
I have to say I really love this, I've not had it for overly long but I have to say its become a firm favourite. Gimme Brow, gimme gimme.

Whats your go to brow product? 

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