Perfume Collection

A fair while ago I took pictures thinking that I would do a perfume collection, I think those pictures have sat in their little folder for long enough. I like having a nosey into anyone's collections, and a perfume collection for me is like one of the best things I can read. So maybe people would like to read mine? Its now time for me to show the few perfumes I have and to fail extremely badly at describing the scents.

The oldest member of my perfume collection is my Nina by Nina Ricci perfume - there is almost nothing left in this but I can't bear (wrong word?) to part with it since it was my favourite, and possibly my first, perfume. It smells lovely and sweet and just generally perfect.

Maybe my second oldest perfume? Rihannas perfume, I'm not really sure how to describe the smell but it smells really nice, the bottle though I think is the selling point for it - the bottle is super pretty.

I think this is the only perfume I've ever bought with my own money and I've barely used any of it. I got this in the sales ages ago, I somehow managed to find the 100ml for like £20. Its very sweet smelling, I like it but it always seems to get left behind in my collection somehow.

This is probably the cutest perfume I own. Harajuk Lovers Super G. I mean look at it! It's got a super hero on the top of it! My friend got me this for my birthday a few years ago after me constantly smelling it and looking at it. Its a very young and girly scent, maybe not what I'm looking for now, but I will spray this on every so often.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck. Smells and looks pretty. I don't really know what else to say - I am utterly terrible at describing scents.

Another birthday present from my friend, this was basically just released when she gave it to me. Katy Perry Killer Queen smells so lovely and the bottle - need I say how lovely it looks? I mean look at it! The bottle is such an unusual shape and looks super cool!

Newest best and favourite perfume in my collection. Marc Jacobs Daisy. It smells so goooood! I somehow managed to scratch a bit of the name off the bottle - that makes me very sad :((( The bottle is beautiful and so is the smell. I'm sort of scared to use it though since its so expensive to replace easily.

Whats your favourite perfume? 


  1. Ooh I really want to try some of these perfumes, for some reason I'm always attracted to pretty or unique packagings!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  2. Daisy is my favourite perfume! It smells incredible and looks so lovely on my dressing table x



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