Say hello to Daisy.

I'm an animal person through and through. Anything cute and fluffy and I probably love it. I've wanted another dog for the longest time, one that I can call my own. The trick was trying to convince my mum to let me get one. Her house an all that.
Somehow, recently though I managed to convince her to let me get one. So say hello to my new baby Daisy the Toy Poodle. I picked her up on Sunday at 11am, thanks to my mums lovely friend who drove us there to get her. I woke up so early because I was super excited to get her! It was like the excitement you feel on Christmas morning when your younger.
As soon as I saw her I knew that I wanted to take her home, the other dogs the breeder had were so lovely and cute as heck. 
In the drive home she was pretty restless, whined a fair bit - but I expected she would since she's now with out her mum and brothers. When we got her home we introduced her to our other dog Holly - who is like 3 if not 4 times her size. It's safe to say she was a little scare at first, but it didn't take long for her to get her confidence. 
She is the sweetest little bundle of fluff, but I think she'll become quite feisty. Over the last few days shes really come out of her shell and I'm completely and utterly in love with her. The first night I got her she slept the entire night, but the second night she kept me up all night and I eventually caved and let her sleep in my bed. She is super sweet, a bit clumsy and seems a bit stupid. But hopefully she'll get a bit brighter soon. Heres just a few pictures of her to finish off this post.


  1. oh my god! She is soo cute! I want a puppy so badly! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up


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