Australis Get The Look Pretty Pastels Palette | Review

Australis was a brand that I had wanted to try but obviously my not living in the sunny land of Australia made that a little difficult. I was however very lucking in being paired up with the lovely Maddi during a Halloween swap organised by Jasmine last year.  I wasn't really familiar with all of Australis's products, only ever having had seen a few of their products on various YouTube channels and blogs, so everything I got was unfamiliar to me and unexpected. I love doing swaps - you get the opportunity to try products that otherwise you would maybe never have heard of before or just never been able to get your hands on. I love trying things I've not seen before, in a store or on a blog. 
One of the items Maddi kindly sent me was the Australis Get The Look Pretty Pastels palette. This palette is pretty darn cool, its basically everything you could need to make your face look pretty. Pressed powder, bronzer, blush and 3 eye shadows. All housed in a lovely sleek black palette with Australis written in big pink writing. The palette also has a lovely big mirror the entire size of the palette. So its perfect for if your on the go and need to apply a little makeup. The only things you would need to take along with you is a mascara, a couple of brushes and a lip stick. I think this would be perfect if you were wanting to travel light make-up wise. 
It took me a long time to get around to using this, but now that I have I actually really quite like using it. There are 3 rather pretty eyeshadows, a neutral beige colour, a taupe colour and a shimmery black. 
 I found the shadows to be quite powdery, and a little bit crumbly. Without a primer I did notice, on my oily lids, that the colour didn't seem to last very long and it did crease quite a bit. With a primer though, the colour stays pigmented and lasts a lot longer. Meaning with a primer I really like these colours. 
The bronzer and blusher are actually really pretty, the bronzer does have a slight shimmer to it - I think it looks a little bit goldy? I probably wouldn't use this for contouring but I would be more than happy dusting this over my face to add a bit of a healthy glow to it - I need to be careful though since I'm very pale. The blush colour is perfect for everyday wear, you can see from the picture it is incredibly light and is a lovely pink shade. The blush looks really natural and gives a nice pink glow, the bronzer like I said is less of a contour colour and much more of a lovely gold all over face duster type of thing. Very lovely. I've not yet used the powder, but I'm sure I'll get round to it eventually. 
Overall though I really like this little all in one palette. Sorry if your not from Australia or aren't visiting soon as I think you might have a hard time getting your hands on this. 

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