Glasgow Urban Decay Event + Haul

So a week or so ago I went to an event run by Urban Decay in Glasgow wit a bunch of my friends, it cost £5 to go to it - but you got this back as a voucher later. It was really really fun - the event was basically just giving us the chance to look at and see the new products in action. The absolutely gorgeous make-up artist Danielle - who's YouTube can be found here - demonstrated, on other UD girls, the Naked 3 palette, Naked Skin and the new Naked lip glosses. I unfortunately didn't take pictures at the event - silly me - but trust me when I say that I left wanting every single last product used.
After the demonstrations we were able to go back to the counter and purchase till our hearts were content. It was pretty mad, so many people attacking the counter to try and get their hands on all the absolutely stunning products. If you spent £50 or more on the night you got a little goodie bag with it, so y'know I just had to spend £50.
I walked away feeling happy with what I got, although some of the item I originally wanted weren't in stock. But I'm really happy with the things I got, I knew I wanted a lipstick and a eye liner - I wanted a concealer but they were all out.
I bought one of their Revolution Lipsticks in the colour F-Bomb. Its possibly the creamyest lipstick I've ever used, the formulation of these is just amazing. It lasted such a long time, fading out to just a pale pink. Because it is such a bright red, you do need to be quite careful when applying it so you don't smear it all over your mouth. But, I have to say - it is probably one of the nicest lipsticks I own.
I've been meaning to buy this setting spray for the longest time, and I finally picked it up. At £20 I cringed a little when I bought it, but I have to say from the few times I've used it - its really worth it. I wore this on a night out in a hot sweaty night club and I don't think my make-up budged. It looked like my eye make-up and my foundation were still in tack - purdy impressive I think.
This is the most unbelievably good eye liner ever. Another item I wore to the horrible sweatyness of a club, and this didn't budge. Not. One. Bit. And boy is this hard to get off at the end of the night. It seriously doesn't budge, like you really need to scrub away at your eyes quite a fair bit before it budges. The colour is a really dark purple colour that can look a little black sometimes but it is most definitely a beautiful purple. Its a really creamy liner, that is able to be smudged if you work quick enough - I think you have about 30 seconds to smudge them out before they set properly. I'm definitely going to pick up a few more of these soon. 
The final thing was this little gift set, it contained 3 sample sizes of a few of their products. Naked Skin, their eye primer and four of their lipsticks. I've not actually tried these out, but I'm sure that I'll be using naked skin very very soon.


  1. The bag that the samples came in is soooo pretty! I keep meaning to try some more Urban Decay, hopefully one day I'll get my hands on something x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. I really want to go to the next event they hold :) I love their products - I need more hahah ! x

  2. The event sounds lovely! I have the setting spray and I really enjoy it! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  3. Wow the bag is gorgeous & the lipstick is a beautiful colour xxx

    1. The lipstick wasn't my first choice but I'm so glad I picked it up :)


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