New Favourite Nail Colour: Tanya Burr in Bright and Early

Tanya Burr Nail Polish in Bright and Early
When Tanya Burr brought out her nail polishes, I'm not going to lie - I really wasn't interested. I didn't really think a "celebrity" nail polish would be any good - even if one of the most amazing women was the head of it. About a week ago though I was making an order on FeelUnique - and one of Tanya Burrs nail polishes found its way into my basket.
After looking online to see what the colours looked like on the fingers I decided to go for a colour that I normally wouldn't go for - Bright and Early. This colour is super pretty - completely not me, I'm much more a purples and blue kind of gal. But when I saw this on various blogs and such like I fell in love. I automatically thought it would be such a gorgeous spring/ summer colour, and its not been off my nails since it arrived.
Tanya Burr Nail polish in Bright and early
I was actually really surprised at how good this nail polish was -  very few nail polished surprise me and make me fall in love with them. Dry time, opaqueness and wear time all factor into how I overall feel about a polish. This really gets two thumbs up in all categories. I find it dries reasonably quickly ( at least compared to other nail polishes I've got) so I've not had the dreaded smudged nails. The colour is pretty vibrant after just one coat - I do like it really vibrant though, so I put two coats on. Its just the most lovely bright (almost neon) pink. And best of all I find that it doesn't chip all that much. General colour fading at the tips, yes, but no proper chips. And that's without a top coat! Imagine how long it would last if I used a top coat?! I got a good week out of it before I felt my nails needed to be redone. So off came the colour, and on it went again. The weather recently has been crazy good (heres hoping that when this post goes live it still is lovely outside), and this colour and the sunshine really makes it feel like summers coming.
All in all I really do love this nail polish and I'm definitely going to be purchasing more from the line - Little Duck I've got my eye on you!


  1. Little duck was my initial favourite but this looks stunning xxxx

    1. It definitely became one of my favourites :) x


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