Ecotools Foam Applicator

Every time I'm in Boots I see this, give it a long hard look then leave without it, but recently I was in a bit of a hurry to get 4 bonus retailers from Quidco and added this and a couple of other bits into my basket - hey I'd been wanting it for ages! When it arrived I was really excited to try it out - I'm not a sponge user at all so I wasn't sure what to expect, or really even how to use it. If I'm honest I'm still not 100% sure how to use it properly.
After using it a fair few times, and trying a few different methods, I've come to the conclusion that I'm not actually sure if I like this. I don't like the fact that I do have to go over my face with my buffing brush, but I have found that using this does give a sort of flawless finish? When I first used it I tried to apply to much foundation to quickly, the applicator just kind of slipped across my face - I got frustrated and gave up using it. I did go back to it though - cause y'know can't judge it by one use. The second time I took less on the applicator and found it easier to use, it made the application a billion times easier around my eyes and nose - I think I'll probably just use it for that instead of an all over face applicator. I do find that I still need to buff the foundation in to get a good finish - I don't mind though since the finish looked better than usual.
Overall, I do think for the price of £4.99 this is an okay way to apply your foundation. However I don't think I'll be using this on a daily basis as it just takes a little longer to apply my foundation. It does make me feel a little better about sponges, but I still much prefer my Real Techniques Buffing brush...

Have you used this, what did you think of it? Whats your favourite way to apply foundation? 

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