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Everyone and anyone that knows me would agree that I am so lazy and absolutely cannot stick to any form of exercise. Despite that though I've decided to start doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, I tried doing this ages ago and gave up half way through the first day. Pitiful. Although I don't have proper weights - I'm using tins of food - I've been going fairly strong with this and have just finished the first week. I had a couple of days off, the first to let my legs recover (they were in proper agony, could barely move haha!) and the next was because I had a wax and wasn't allowed to exercise that day. But I did do it for 7 days.
My diet for this first week has been pretty crap, so thats probably effected my results, but I have to say I feel stronger and I don't hurt as much after the workouts. When I do them, I do still need small 30 second breaks between each circuit - otherwise I feel like I might pass out or throw up. I've not taken progress pictures but I think I might for the next 2 levels - more so for myself than anyone else.

How do you like to stay fit? 

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