Puppy Update | 4 Months

Daisy is now just over 4 months old and I thought I would just do a really quick post about her and how I've found having her. She's crazy smart and I just love her. She can already do the basics like Sit, Paw, Down and she even knows Roll Over! We're beginning to teach her sit pretty and then we'll hopefully move onto Play Dead soon. She's not quite got Stay fully yet but she is learning - she also needs to learn leave. 
My mum got her a little Diamonte collar, she said she never would but got one in the end since she thought Daisy didn't look cool enough. A little bit of bling never did anyone any harm. 
Her favourite toy is this little piggy, we got it from a local Garden/ Pet Store, it seems to have a hard ball inside it and a squeaker in its head. She goes nutty for it. Like proper mad. She gets on quite well with our other dog, Holly, they play together but if Daisy annoys her too much she will snap at her - it doesn't deter Daisy though. 
She sleeps almost completely through the night if she does a pee around midnight, and wakes me up at either 5am or 8am before going back to bed again. She does still have the odd accident in the house but the majority of her pees are done outside. I absolutely adore her and she has really changed the way my house is - we all just seem to be happier and get on a lot better ( shes a wonderdog). 


  1. She is just too adorable!! xx

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    1. She's is an absolute bundle of joy :)

  2. Such a cutie, I'm still jealous x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. Would it be bad to bring her to a blogger event? ahaha x


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