Before Bed Skin Prep | Bedtime Routine

The past week or so I've really got into quite a routine at night: 1. to try help me fall asleep quicker and 2. To try make my skin feel and look better. For me personally bed time is just the burden of my life. I 99% of the time can't fall asleep before 3 in the morning or my puppy goes mental meaning I just generally can't get to sleep.
The absolute first thing I do now when I'm getting ready for bed now is to light a candle - preferably a non-scented one. I've been burning Avon's Sleep Serenity one recently just to see if it can actually help me drift off better. But I just like have a candle burning as I get into my pj's and fix my face and what not. I'll also spray my pillow with a pillow mist, the one I use is also from Avon - anything to help me drift off. I do quite like this one, and while I was still going to classes this really did help me fall asleep a lot quicker and when I did drift off I slept a billion times better.
The next thing I'd do is to moisturise my face, so just now that means the La Roche Possay Duo followed by Hydraluron and finishing off with a cheap Garnier moisturiser that I've been trying to use up. After my skins all lovely and soft its only fair to give my lips a little attention - so on goes Reve De Miel. Perfect little pot of sherbety lemony buttery goodness.
My body does need a little bit of loving as well, more so my feet. I've been making sure that they get a good slobber of cream on them each night. I'll quickly buff over my feet with my pedegg, I'm not high class enough to have an electric foot buffer, and then cover my feet in a thick layer of cream and wear socks over night.
For the rest of my body I apply some of the Body Shops Pink Grapefruit lotion to any overly dry bits on le bod. The smell of this is heavenly.

What do you do before you go to bed?


  1. Ahh I was flicking through an Avon catolgue earlier and there was a little set of candles in there which included the Sleep Serenity one. I'm really tempted to order it, have you found its helped? x

    Along Came Kelly x

    1. I think it does actually help me drift off a little easier :) xx


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