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At the start of the year I was doing so so so well with exercising and avoiding junk foods, for the last two or three months though I've been so far from eating healthily and exercising moving that its untrue. Since university finished in May I've basically become a couch potato. I've gone from walking 3 or 4 miles a day to being lucky if I even do 1 mile.
I decided recently that I absolutely had to get back into the way of movement as not only if my overall fitness suffering but so is my skin and the amount of sleep I get. On an average night I'll be awake well into the wee hours, usually I fall asleep around 3am - its currently 1am and I'm not even a little bit tired.
To kick start my body into functioning properly I've been following a 10 day plan that I got on Tumblr. It has quite a strict meal plan and a few easy (Jesus these are not easy for me) to do exercises to do daily. I've been on it for almost a week so I'll update you at the end of it with how I did on it. The meal plan is basically just eggs, poultry, fish (not a fan), fruit and veggies ( also not a huge veggie lover). Oh what have I got myself in for?
I think most of my days are going to be spent eating turkey bacon and boiled eggs with me chocking down greens.
Along with this I'm going to try drinking protein shakes and a detoxing tea. Recently I've been spending quite a bit of money in Holland and Barret - for someone that has no form of income I spend waaaay to much money in there. But anyway, I love going in and having a wee look around at snacks and such like that I can eat instead of devouring packets of crisps and bars of chocolate. I'm currently loving their own brand flapjacks.
Hopefully by exercising and eating better my skin will stop being such a disgusting mess - face and back (anyone know how to get rid of back acne?) and fingers crossed I can fall asleep quicker than usual.


  1. I've definitely fallen off the exercise wagon too, need to get back on it! Good luck with your exercise plan, I used to hate veggies too but I kind of taught myself to like them and now they're my faves! x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. The exsercise plan fell through hahah - it lasted about a week then I gave up x


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