Magazine Freebie | Marie Claire Ciate Caviar Nails

I'm not usually one to let folk know about the little freebies that come in magazines, but I thought I would share this one. Marie Claire is a magazine I usually don't buy but the little Ciate set that was being given away sold it for me.
The shop I went to didn't really have much in the way of choice, there was the red set and this purple one. That could be down to the fact that cheap so and so's stole the sets out of the magazines. But anyway, I'm really happy with the one I bought. The purple polish looks really lovely - the shade is called Pillow Fight, it is just such a lovely greyish purple. The balls that go with it are in the shade Sweet Dreams, and are a mix of light and dark purple shades. Since I've just got it I've not really had a chance to use it properly but I'll be doing a review soon hopefully on it.


  1. I got these too but I was lucky enough to grab them all while they were in stock! Such a bargain! xoxo


    1. ahh, lucky. I think I might have preferred one of the other colours but this one is really pretty so I'm happy with it x


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