NYX Lipstick in Snow White | Review

Recently I did a swap with the lovely Rena from Kiss and Makeup and one of the items she kindly sent me was a NYX lipstick. I'm a huge lover of lipsticks, so this was more than welcome in my ever growing collection. 
The colour Rena picked out for me is Snow White. It is possibly the most perfect deep red, its quite a dark red I would say - maybe a bit vampy. But I love it. A lot of the reds I have in my collection are very bright, so this is quite different from the rest. The colour is actually really similar to my hair now that it's been dyed! 
Packaging wise, the NYX lipsticks remind me of the MUA ones. Basically just a plain black tube, with the logo for the company and a little bit of colour to give an idea of the shade at the bottom of the tube. 
 I really love the way this looks on, I think it really compliments my paleness - and I think it makes my teeth look whiter! This is definitely going to be one of my most reached for lipsticks - it looks like it would be absolutely perfect for all year wear. WOO! 

The colour does last a fair while, the deepness of the colour lasts a couple of hours then your left with a nice paler red. 

After trying this I think I'd be quite interested in maybe getting a few more colours, as I'm really really impressed with this. 
What colours would you suggest I get, do you like these lipsticks? 


  1. Gorgeous shade. I have a red NYX lip pencil and I love it. The formula is sooo nice.

    1. I really want to get some more products from NYX - its just a shame its a wee bit on the pricier side here - at least compared to how much they cost in America.

  2. Great post, Sarah! I love the NYX lipsticks and glosses. I'm trying to branch out and try red lipsticks more often. I usually resort to nude shades :) I am a new follower. Love your blog!


    1. aw thank you :) I don't have much from NYX but I'd really love to try more from them x


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