Wet N Wild Walking On Eggshells Review

I feel like I may have done a review on this before, but since using about a year ago I basically haven't gone back to it. Until recently that is. The last few times I've properly done my face up - so like the works, face, eyes brow: everything - I've used this brilliant little palette.
My absolute favourite part of this little palette is the brow bone colour. It is the absolute most perfect brow highlight colour. I don't think words could describe my love for this colour - I will be devastated when this colour runs out - might need to call in a favour with a State side friend. The other two colours I do find a little bit shimmery for my liking - but they are still beautiful colours. The crease shade is a really lovely bronze brown, personally I'd rather have a matte colour for my crease, and this colour would be 1000x nicer if it were matte. But even still it is a beautiful colour. The lid colour is super pretty but again I find it really really shimmery. Its a lovely champaney pink colour, I'm thinking now this might be a good colour for the inner corner area of le eyes. Non?
I'm really hoping that these come over the Britain soon, I know for a fact they would be super popular over here. We all love the American stuff after alls.

What do you think of these palettes? 


  1. This looks lovely, such gorgeous, wearable shades! x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. The shades are really pretty :) maybe just a little shimmery

  2. I love this palette as well, its perfect for everyday looks!

    1. Its so lovely - just a teeny bit shimmery :)


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