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A few months ago, I really enjoyed reading the creations that Sandra from The Black Pearl Blog made and showed on her blog. I was really intrigued by Alpro - not being sure if I'd like it or not. After trying Alpro yoghurt and the almond milk I was seriously impressed - it is actually really really yummy! 
The whole toppers thing still interested me though - so I took myself off to their website where I noticed they had a little competition where you could ( I think) win a little toppers pack. The other day I got a package through and inside it there was a very colourful box from Alpro. I was actually really confused as to why I was sent it, but then I saw a little note from the lovely people at Alpro.

In the little package there was 4 little toppers pots: Mango Chunks; Honey; Coconut Powder and Mint. I love Honey on my yoghurt, when I have it in the morning I always tend to have it with berries and honey - its very yummy! The Alpro toppers we're brought as a PR "stunt" (is that acceptable to say?) as a way of showing people healthy and yummy things that people could have with their yoghurt. Alpro - obviously is already a healthier alternative to the usual dairy yoghurt. I actually sort of prefer it to the dairy alternative... The mango chunks will be lovely to have in the yoghurt - I'm not sure what else I'll add to it though - I'm definitely going to have to have a little look at how I'm going to mix these and such like. 
Do you like Alpro? What do you add to yours? 

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